Para Wars

Fighting For Equality & Justice

Whiskey Storm

Paige finds herself the face of the paranormal movement thanks to her actions to save the world from Sven on national television. But this might be one fight she's ill-equipped to meet. She's a witch, not a politician. But the fate of paranormals around the world rest on her shoulders.

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London Bridge Down

(happens concurrently with Whiskey Storm)

Dexx will do everything in his power to help Paige through whatever new trials she finds herself in. But when he's kidnapped and has his memories wiped, he's handed a situation he might not be able to come back from. Can he regain his memories to stand by Paige's side?

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Midnight Whiskey

As midnight falls on the paranormal plight, and as she struggles with Dexx's absence, Paige enters an arena she never saw coming. Armed with a power she never thought she'd have, she does everything she can to save her family, her man, and the entire paranormal society.


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International Team

Dexx remembers everything - or nearly so, but uncovers something about his past lives that could endanger Paige and the kids in ways he never foresaw. He can't return home, not until he's rid the world of the one person who could destroy Paige and everything she's working so hard for.


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Karma Peels

Wynonna Hunt is a karmic witch hunting a demon who has the contract on her lover's gorgeous soul. That demon is also a grave threat to Paige Whiskey and the rising paranormal resistance. As Wy tracks this demon down, she opens old wounds and discovers a few demons of her own she has to confront.


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Eye of the Saber

Dexx spent lifetimes trying to take Bussemi down. Alone. Armed with his pack, his team, his family, and a small army of humans and paranormals, he brings his ancient brother a fight Bussemi had better not be able to walk away from.


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Breaking Whiskey

The civil war so far has been short but bloody with heart-breaking consequences on all sides. But when the world decides to join in this war, she has to find a solution before they lose everything.


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