It All Starts Here

Whiskey Witches

After being asked to look into a mass of occult murders, Paige uncovers secrets buried in her past that will change everything. 

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Blood Moon Magick

Getting back to her old life isn't as easy as it seems. Paige uncovers shifters and opens a war that could destroy her entire family.

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Barrel of Whiskey

Merry Eastwood is in Texas, bringing the shifter-witch war to the Whiskey front door just as Dexx is struggling with his new shift and Paige is clawing desperately to keep the demon gate embedded in her bones closed. But that is just the beginning.

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Witches of the West

Paige has enough of this crap. She's decided to take this war to Merry's doorstep, but for every thing Merry does to stop her, the Whiskeys rise to the occasion. Merry Eastwood is going down one way or the other.

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