Whiskey Verse Novels

This Universe Is Huge!

Whiskey Witches

It Begins Here

Paige discovers she truly does have magick and that her powers were hidden for an unforgivable reason. But as her world evolves, she realizes there's much more at stake than her betrayal.

This mini-series is (5) books long, including the free prequel available exclusively through the subscriber list.

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Things Just Got Complicated

Paige and Dexx are pregnant! But the world isn't ready for the power-house they're about to bring into this world. As power-players make their moves on their unborn child, they fight to keep their family and friends alive.

The saga is (7) books long which includes the three-book climax at the end.

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Para Wars

This Changes Everything

Paige, Dexx, and the paranormal world are pitted against the rest of human society. The shifter-witches of the Whiskey family are too powerful for the world and the government and heavy-hitters of society retaliate.

This series will span (7) books with a three-book climax at the end.

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Shifting Hearts

Love the Way WE Like It

There's more than conflict in the Whiskey-verse air. There's also a little romance. Alivia Patton and I have teamed up to bring you romances that call to our hearts, and we hope you enjoy.

You won't find alpha-males here, but you will find some pretty incredible characters doing the best they can together.

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October Sky

Tarot To Solve Crime

Haunted by the constant threat of discovery, October must tread carefully to survive. Her visions, once a source of solace, now serve as harbingers of danger, pushing her to the edge of desperation. Determined to protect her loved ones and herself, she must harness her latent strength and embark on a path of self-discovery.

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