Using Colors in Everyday Magick

You can do spellwork every single day. You can be cooking, working, yelling at your kid, driving in your car—maybe not actually driving—or walking the dog and cast a spell. Protection, money enhancement, luck, romance, hex breaking, binding, sending karma where it belongs. saying what needs to be said, It doesn’t matter. You don’t need a spell book. You don’t need incantations.

You need intent.

Spells, candles, and other instruments are vehicles of focus and they offer their own energies to help you maintain that focused intent.

For example, let’s say someone cut you off on the road and then nearly ran into someone else. You have no idea if they’re in danger, in need of help, or if they’re just being a douchebag. Your first assumption might be that they’re being a supreme *bleep* because that’s typically the case. But what happens if they’re driving like that because they need help? Or because they need to go save someone else?

Grab something black: pen, paper, piece of felt—you’d be surprised what stays in the car—pick it up, and send a focused yet forceful karmic blessing at them. Use whatever words you want. Feel the need to curse? Sure. Do it. It doesn’t matter. Do you really think the wind cares about the words you used? What about the earth? Maybe… if they used our words, but they hear what you mean to say, so the actual words don’t mean a heck of a lot.

In this example moment, you’ve managed to get your energy out there. It’s carried by the elements most closely attuned to you, the black helps you channel the need to break the hex or to clarify the situation, and then the karmic energies that person is creating either assists them or makes their day even worse.

You just helped someone—potentially a lot of someones. You just helped that person not kill or harm others. You just helped that person learn not to drive like a raging maniac. Or you just helped that person get to where they needed to be so they could save someone else. You… don’t… know.

When I cast, I don’t use objects anymore. I used to carry all kinds of things with me: scraps of different colored braided yarn that I could just pull out and focus with, different colored pens so I could write my intent on paper, rolls of sage, a lighter for fire. Just… all kinds of stuff.

I am now a very lazy witch. I think of the color and project my intent and just keep rolling with it. I don’t recommend starting this way. I can do that now because I invested years understanding how the color black can help a situation no matter what—whether it’s to punish or to protect.

So, I’m going to invest some time sharing with you some of the things I’ve learned that make everyday magic something you can do with ease. I may not be actively aware of it, but I practice magick every single day. Without ceremony. Without trumpets. Without prayers and altars—though I want one—or going sky clad—which… come on. I’ve got to try that at least once.

Magick isn’t for show. It’s for you. So find your magickal ways and do what feels right for you.

Color Meaning in Witchcraft

Like many things in witchcraft, the trick is to find the meaning and figure out how to tailor it to what you’re doing. As you’re going through this rather standard list that you can literally find in any witchcraft book or introduction to Wicca article, be thinking of how these colors can be used to enhance, protect, and make your intent more impactuful to those your will finds.

Red – passion, maintaining health, strength, fertility, enthusiasm, physical energy, courage, protection, conquering fear. This is used a lot in defense magick. The element associated with it is fire, though, personally, I associate fire with orange. I associate red with blood, which is where the physical life-force is in a body.

Magenta – intuitive action, fuel for immediate action, focused energy

Pink – romance love, friendship, compassion harmony, family, relationships of the heart like found-family

Peach – adapting to heart-deep elements, harmonious success. It’s a merge of pink and orange, but I find it has a very special transitive place in the craft color wheel.

Orange – General attraction, energy, success, adaptability, encouragement, hearth and home. This is the color I use when summoning or projecting fire.

Yellow – Success, intellect, confidence, thought, communication, movement, intent. Yellow is associated with the element air. It symbolizes the sun, which has always confused me, personally. As a wood spirit, I associate the sun with fire, but let’s be real. Clear isn’t a color, so yellow works just fine.

Green – Money, prosperity, employment, healing, fertility, growth. Green is associated with the earth because of spring and summer.

Blue – healing, spiritual healing, cleansing, peace, psychism, happiness, wisdom, balance, patience, tranquility. Blue is associated with the element water.

Purple – power, healing sever disease, the divine, spirituality, mediation, ambition, prophetic dreams.

Black – banishing negativity, hex breaking, absorbing negativity, breaking bad habits. Black represents space or the void. It’s literally lacks color and is by far my go-to in spell work. If I’m casting, I usually have something black to focus on to make sure I’m seeing the real issue.

White – spiritual enlightenment, protection, purification, neutral, serenity. It is all colors combined.

Brown – stability, material wealth, emotional balance, professional growth

Gray – neutrality. I will use this with snake root to confuse the enemy. Use gray in self-defense to neutralize energies harming you.

Gold – fast luck, intelligence, money

Silver – resolve inner conflict, persistence, remove negativity

Remember that colors in and by themselves mean absolutely nothing. It’s just a color.

What you do with it is what matters.

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