Two Down… Two New Ones Begin

I typed The End on Hush Little Shifter yesterday. Shane typed The End on Dexx In a DoDO House a few weeks ago. That felt really good! But that also means there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. 

I’ve gotta go through and clean up my draft of Hush while going through and helping Shane clean up Dexx. He’s going through it right now, taking out repetition and adding emotional transitions to his dialogue. He’s such a boy. He has great descriptions on cars and car parts, but the emotions? LOL! We’ll get it though. Hush is pretty clean? In spots. But the areas I struggled with are a mess. They look like a two-year-old was looking for a pair of socks. 

My Dragon software is finally working really well! That’s good, but it also is slowly killing my computer. So, Shane and I are looking for another one that will be just my writing machine, while the Big Guy does my graphic art stuff. Well, and the formatting, and the website stuff, and the… okay, everything BUT writing. How about that? 

This means that we’re getting super close to being able to share Season 3 with you. 

We’ve crafted each Season so that you don’t have to read the previous seasons, and each series so you don’t have to read all of the other books in the other series. We know that not everyone enjoys romance–Shifting Hearts–or cozy-ish mysteries–Whiskey Mysteries–but we’re writing what we enjoy! 

Okay. I’ve gotta get started on Some Karma Don’t Wash and see how that goes! I need to dig into my inner Texan and let Leslie rip. Cleanly. 

I probably won’t hit a true cozy with Leslie because I’m dark and she cusses, but it’ll be a lot lighter than Paige’s and we’re going to have real mysteries again. I do enjoy outlining those for other authors, so I’m going to have fun writing it. Let’s HOPE so anyway! 

Whiskey Mysteries might not actually happen. We’re testing the waters to see if I enjoy writing them and if people enjoy reading them. 

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