The Shaman’s Dream Oracle Deck

I love tarot. I frequently consult my deck when I’m feeling anxious or edgy or if I need a little direction on which path to take or how to obtain my goals.

I’m using this deck as one of the two decks October Sky uses to focus her seer abilities with, and I am loving it! Oh my goodness. As I’m writing certain scenes, I’ll shuffle the deck and pull up a card that I then use to challenge myself to incorporate. Let me just tell you that this is turning out to be amazing!

How October Sky Was Born

After a longer-than-anticipated mourning period upon the conclusion of Para Wars, I realized that my author brand needed to evolve. I’d started out writing stories my heart needed to hear. Then I shifted to stories that would sell well. When that didn’t work as much as I’d hoped, I realized I needed to write stories based on the uniqueness of me. I’m not the strangest crayon in the box. I’m not over-glorifying myself like that, but I am unique in my own way. I’m an INTJ/INFJ Libra/Scorpio cusp, which is a shortened way of saying I see people for who they are, see situations through the mess of drama, and I build situations and people by finding ways of taking their strengths and making them weaknesses.

I do this with myself a lot too. In the past year, I had to face that part of me that didn’t fight back. I’m not a fighter. I get mad, sure. I get frustrated, without a doubt. I can stab people, apparently, with a sigh. Like… I can break people with a sigh. But I’m not the fighter I want to be.

So, I created October – which is my favorite month – and gave her a gift that mimics my ability to penetrate through the bs to see what’s really going on with people.

Building Strength Through Vision

I’ve always thought of myself as a background support person who isn’t the right fit to be near the top of the food chain, which is weird for any who have worked with me because my primary focus has been to become a project manager. That’s the one thing every boss has told me I will never, ever be even though I’m great at project management. I don’t understand why I’ll never make it. Not entirely anyway.

However, working with October and visualizing this deck, and working through the insights they both offered, I’ve found positive – mostly – ways to powerfully impact the people around me.

That’s what I love about tarot!

I think that’s the thing I love most about tarot. The cards might be random, but your questions aren’t. The placement of the cards aren’t. It’s up to you to take the meanings the cards give you and determine what lessons you’re going to learn from them.

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