April 7, 2020

So, I’ve been busy making masks! How many of you are also making masks or need masks? Mine are made out of cotton, have the pocket for the filter, and a pocket for the nose piece so you can take it out when you wash it. 

February 10, 2020


We’re playing D&D with a group of potential new friends. It’s interesting settling in a place like Alaska. There’s a town/city here, so there are a lot of people, but they aren’t outgoing, if that makes sense. It’s a rural city which has this “stay inside” mentality. So in order to find fun things to…

February 2, 2020

I’m re-reading some of the first four books of Whiskey Witches, getting ready to do a big relaunch, and just let me tell you, it’s a little embarrassing. LOL!! I–OMGs! I’ve learned so much as an author. There were things I used to do better than I think I do now. But there are a…

January 25, 2020

First of all, I got on the scale today and I am officially down 22 lbs! Whoooot! I still have about 50 lbs to go to get to a weight that I want but don’t know if I’ll actually see. Okay! Okay! I remember the posts from earlier. I’m GOING to see that weight and…

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