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Alivia and I are working on relaunching this series and providing new books shortly. Be on the look-out for sale links and new books coming soon.

Author Name

We'll be changing the author name to Alivia Patton and F.J. Blooding so that you understand more of who we are and how we write. The person who's name will be listed first will be the primary author as we switch back forth. It's gonna be a lot of fun! You'll see.

Bear Moon

Ripley Kent left Troutdale for a million reasons, most of which stems from how the people of that very fine town treated a death omen like her. But when her uncle dies, she's forced to return to the home she never wanted, and she reclaims a love she'd left behind in the arms of bear shifter, Joe Elliot. 


Occurs during Big Bad Djinn.

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Grizzly Attraction

Emma Elliot never wanted to be the alpha of their bear clan, but as her mother rushes toward retirement, Emma finds it harder and harder to resist. But when she meets the new teacher at the para-school, porcupine shifter Mason Covey, he challenges her to pave the path she wants to walk down. Can her bear soul find completion in the arms of a porcupine in the face of mama-bear adversity? Only time will tell.

Occurs during Lizard Wizard.

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