The Whiskeys are taking the battle to Portland and setting up shop in Merry Eastwood’s backyard.

They’re not alone. With the support and backing of the shapeshifters, vampires, and other paranormal creatures of the Portland area society—which includes dryads, djinn, dragons, rusalkas, and much, much more—Merry Eastwood should be outmatched.

But that witch is over two hundred years old and she’s seen more than any of them could imagine. When a rash of murders pop up with evidence applied a little too liberally to pin Merry, Paige has a choice to make. Put Merry Eastwood, the most powerful witch their society has seen in centuries, away for murders she didn’t commit.

Or save her family, her society, and the entire Portland area and put her behind iron bars for the murders they can’t tie her to.



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Notes From Frankie

I would have to say that this book is where I hit my writing stride. Barrel of Whiskey, I think, is still a better book because of the character growth that happened there, but I love-love-love how this book showcases how everyone has grown and are continuing to grow.


Merry Eastwood developed as the symbol of my very real fight in real life. I was fighting to advance in my job as a female project manager in construction. I was fighting to regain some ground as a mother--or just as a person in my daughters' lives.

Merry Eastwood was that personification of all the people and all the events who were just so much bigger than me. Villains don't always represent people.

The World

There's a lot of realism in this book in the real life events that can happen and challenge people.

However, there wasn't a lot of real life, boots on the ground action in Troutdale and people who live there can attest that my Google-walks through town didn't help me in describing things.

I did eventually make it to Troutdale. But it wasn't until mid-way through Ancients. *facepalm* I do try to get to each location so I can describe them correctly. This book is the reason why. LOL!