Whiskey Witches

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In Denver’s shadow-laden corners, vampires and shape shifters rule supreme.

Detective Paige Whiskey finds herself ensnared in a web of ancient rivalries and deadly secrets. The demonic killer she had bartered with to save Dexx’s life is back. But this time, Sven has a different game to play.

He unfurls a tapestry of the arcane as he kidnaps victims, revealing realms of the paranormal Paige never believed existed. With every shifter he marks, the lines between ally and enemy blur.

Now, Paige faces a heart-wrenching decision: to uphold the fragile treaty between witches and shifters or to plunge them all into chaos. Her badge, her life, and the fate of those she’s grown to care for hang in the balance.

In a world where the moonlight reveals more than just shadows, will Detective Whiskey uncover the truth behind the magick? Or will she be consumed by the very darkness she fights against? Dive into a tale where every choice has a price, and love intertwines with destiny.

1 Review for Whiskey Witches

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joy Giachino

    I fell in love with the Whiskeys’ when I was introduced to them in book 0 – Over time this series has morphed into an absolute must-read series for anyone who enjoys the supernatural genre – I own box set one which includes episodes 0-4
    The Whiskey Witches are such a fun and entertaining series –
    In book one there is a lot going on – we meet the primary characters and their standing within the Whiskey family and/or relation to them. We also get to meet one of the primary antagonists (he is a bit unhinged, to say the least) as well as some other characters that I have yet to place as helpful or harmful – The storyline is a bit like a roller coaster we have our slower build-ups that include the characters and the universe that Blooding is creating – This is the first episode in the series and there is a lot provided to us – then suddenly we hit those fast-paced hearts in your throat scenes that have you battling your inner child from peeking ahead
    I love Paige and I want Daxx (he grows on you I didn’t click with him till later in the series)
    If you enjoy paranormal with a lot of action and intrigue, dotted with comedy, and a bit of angst on occasion then this is a series you do not want to pass up

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Notes From Frankie

This series started off as a real emotional experience. I'd just lost my kids to my parents. I was filled with a ton of anger and didn't know how to deal with it.

This book has gone through 30+ edits and people still find more typos or things that were missed. As they're found, I keep updating it.

This is one of my earlier books, though, so the pacing isn't what I'd call stellar. It was written intuitively. LOL! It shows. But it's still a good book.


There are a few people who get Supernatural references and I've even been reamed pretty hard about those.

Supernatural came after this book did. However, it was in existence on several of the edits and I did include some references to Sam and Dean - mostly Dean - as we went through. I was trying to find the flavor I wanted for this series. That flavor has gotten better as the series progressed.

The World

This was supposed to be a stand-alone story. I'd driven through St. Francisville when I'd been stationed in Alabama and again when I was traveling through with the Ren Fair. It's a great area.

It's not quite as I described it though. I Hollywooded a few things up pretty hardcore.