Whiskey Storm

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Paige Whiskey has done a lot to save her family, her community, and the world, but she’s done this in relative secret. Now, the secret is out, and the world isn’t nearly as receptive to her efforts. She’s a little too powerful, a little too magickal, and definitely too different. Her kind must be stopped at all costs.

That’s not how Paige sees it though. She’s just a mom trying to raise her kids in a town that shows the world just how amazing people can be. In their town, paranormals and mundanes go to the same schools, her twins can shift in the grocery store, and the only real complaint is that a ghost is terrorizing a local store. If only the world could see that.

But the president of the United States isn’t interested in that story. She wants paranormals eradicated from society once and for all, and Paige has handed her the means to make that happen.

Paige has faced off against demons, angels, murderers, but her toughest opponent is going to come from someone she once believed in, someone she voted for, and the war to come will change the entire landscape she loves so much.



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Notes From Frankie

This book terrified me the most. Well, no. This whole mini-series did. If I got things wrong here, I would be... smeared.

I hit a lot of nerves with this book. So... I think I did good.


One of the things Paige has been upset about for eight books now is how powerful she's becoming. She doesn't like it. She's afraid of having that much power and what will be expected of her and if she can rise to the occasion.

I'm wildly unafraid to tackle character issues like this. And we definitely did here. I love-love-love Paige's growth arc through the past thirteen books and then how she grows in this one? Phenomenal.


One thing that never really gets talked about in the author world is climax fatigue. I've written 20+ books now. I've written thousands of outlines for other authors.

Big fight scenes at the end of books now just drain me.

So, it was refreshing for me to get to play around with that here. Paige is really stepping into a new world - a terrifying one that I had every belief I'd mess up - and her fights aren't as fist-in-the-face anymore.