Are you ready for a new reading experience?

Wake up each morning with new behind-the-scenes articles, new chapters to books, new completed novels and novellas, short stories, and more! You can read books before they’re published and provide your opinion as I write!!

Substack is an app you can easily read on your phone, computer or tablet. It’s set up so you can read the content in your email as well.

In Substack, you have complete control. How many emails do you want to receive? How many authors do you want to support free and paid?

This is also a great place for me to test drive content to see what you want. Do you want more behind-the-scene articles? Do you want author videos? Do you like these freakin’ coloring pages I’m now addicted to? Do you like the character interviews? Or the insights into how scenes or books were made? Do you enjoy taking a look back at the publishing journey of some of these books?

I’m on Substack a lot. I’m investing a lot of content there because it’s got a great set up. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I had hoped it was Patreon, but I didn’t like how limited I felt.

When you go to my Substack, you’ll see books to read there, bonus content, book news, and articles on witchcraft, the power of reading, and Author Talk, where I sometimes dig a little deep about things that matter.



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Substack Benefits

Get to know me better by stepping into my world. Share in my writing journey and offer your own experiences to help me create better characters and stories you want to read. This is a great place for me to test-drive ideas. You'll become a part of my author business with your interactions and support.

Author Support

It's more than just money. A large portion of what I offer is free on Substack. However, I've discovered I write better when I'm surrounded by people. I study them and try to find ways to see through their eyes. It's really hard to do that when I'm stuck in an office all by myself. I want to share all of the amazing things about being an author, and this is a fantastic platform to do so.

It's Super Easy

It's incredibly easy to follow me on Substack. The app is downloadable to your phone or tablet, and you can read what I offer where ever you go. Whether you're on a plane, in line, or waiting for your kids to finish at the Little Gym, you can read short stories, articles, books, and much more! My favorite thing is to open my Substack first thing in the morning and read what my favorite authors have written.


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When you bundle books together, you'll save up to 40%.

And for every $50 you spend, you earn $5 on your next purchase!

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