Last year, the world ended.

I’m trapped on the wrong side of the wall, persecuted for being para.

All I want is to sleep.

Every day, new tech is being developed to hunt us down, new scanners are invading our homes so we can’t hide, and the PPE are getting closer to arresting, killing, or experimenting on us.

I’m a seer who bonded with a tarot deck. I see connections simple visions would miss. I see intentions people would rather I didn’t. I see through masks and deception and desperation. Everyone I know wants to use me to get what they want.

Including one man who hunts me to shape a future no one wants. He’s a shapeshifting siren who could be anyone, anywhere, and he can change a mind with a whisper. He’s using the seers he’s trapped to stay one step ahead of me.

There’s nowhere to hide and I’m running out of time.

If you love the idea of interacting with your tarot deck, incredible action-packed scenes, and amazing characters who leap off the page at you, then you really need to read this book!

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October Blaze is tracking the man who can build an underground railroad out of Kins City. However, she’s being hunted by someone who can change a mind with a whisper and can shift his shape at will. He could be anyone anywhere at any time and he’s collecting seers to stay one step ahead of her, trapping them in their own visions, and making it impossible to succeed against him.