Mirror Mirror Demon Rubble

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The only thing Cyn is good at is baking, adding a little flour, a little sugar, a lot of butter, and killing people slowly with joy in their bellies. She’s completely oblivious to the paranormal world around her.

Until the street explodes in front of her bake shop. A man is glowing and floating in the middle of the freaking street. Her best friend turns into a bear. Her annoying boyfriend turns into the biggest porcupine she’s ever seen. And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s attacked by an extinct bleeping saber-toothed cat.

She wakes up—after all of that—to find herself in the middle of a desert alone with a man who had been a cute cuddly cat only moments before. He’s searching for the thing that’s siphoning all the energy away from Bastet’s temple and killing her temple cats, including him. Cyn’s just looking for that one-way ticket home.

She discovers she’s a lot deeper in this whole paranormal world than she ever dreamed possible. And the key to stopping Sven is something only she can retrieve.



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Notes From Frankie & Alivia

LOL! Oooohhh my gods. This book.

The thing I love the most about this book is that Cyn has such a different voice from all the other characters. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write different characters in different narrative voices? Have you picked up a book with dual POV's and you have no idea who's head you're in unless the author tells you?

Well... *chuckle sigh* this book doesn't have that problem.

I love this book for that reason. There are a lot of readers who don't like this book for that reason. We're gonna continue to write stories about characters, representing them as close to who they are as we can.


The neatest thing for me was getting to see the mythos from Cyn's eyes. She's such a newb to this world, so we finally get to have that discovery trope that we missed with this series. She has such a fresh view of the world.

And I love that she does not like Paige. LOL! That makes me giggle in my tiny heart.

Behind the Scenes

This was a terribly difficult book for Alivia and I. She took writing lead on this because I was working with Shane on Double and was writing Die at the same time she was writing Mirror. So, I wasn't a lot of help.

She's great with emotions and romance, which is the reason I wanted to pair up with her in the first place. I... am not so great with that.

Putting a romance novel in the middle of this high-stakes three-book-climax put a lot of stress on Alivia that I think really shines through in Cyn's narrative. Cyn's panic was Alivia's. LOL! I think a few of these chapters were almost journal entries.

We will probably never put a romance in the middle of a mini-series climax again.