London Bridge Down

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Dexx is kidnapped by DoDO and his memory is erased.

In his new place in the DoDO headquarters in America, he fights against the block and is sent to England to prevent the memories from resurfacing. Bad news for Dexx and DoDO.

His new boss takes a special interest in him and he learns more of his magick-borne past.
The good news is he has unseen help. The bad news is… he has unseen help.

Dexx has two choices. He can regain his memories and bring DoDO down from within, or he can bring Red Star Division down in the employ his new job with DoDO.



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Notes From Frankie

Shane decided he wanted to write a book unlike any of the others he's written or assisted with so far, so we sat down and brainstormed a few ideas.

The one that took hold of him was having Dexx kidnapped, his memories stripped, and to have him fighting to get back to his family and his pack.

It was really neat to watch Shane as he tackled this massive storyline in the middle of a civil war. I think he did great!

UK Supes

The supernatural creatures and societies of the Whiskey-verse aren't all the same, so this gave us the opportunity to showcase that.

We both had a ton of fun with it. I think he had even more fun with it because he'd pick a destination and "have to research it." Work, work, work. LOL! He loved it.

Dexx Revolution

The one thing Shane's been telling me for the past several years as we've written all these books is that Dexx's bond with Hattie isn't as simple as a shifter-bond like with other shifters.

So, I told him to let lose and figure it out.

Boy, when that man sets his mind to something, he really does a good job! Not only did he create another great villain, but he also created a viable reason for DoDO's existence. Dude. That man!