Karma isn’t always a dish best served cold.

Paige and Dexx are leading paranormals to freedom as carefully and quickly as they can.

Wynonna Hunt, a karmic witch in New Orleans, is after a demon, Valfire. But the only way to get to him is through another demon, Threknal.

The very same demon Paige released from the DoDO compound, the only living thing capable of touching her magick.

Paige needs to stay in the game by eliminating the only viable threat to her magick. Wy needs to free her girlfriend from a demon deal made nine years ago.

Together, they’ll stop Threknal as the U.S. trudges closer to war.



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Blog Posts and More Notes on Wynonna Hunt

I do a lot of creating that has sometimes little to do with actually writing chapters. So, here are a few extra tidbits.

What Is Karmic Magick?

Defining Wynonna Hunt

Frankie Reads Part of a Scene... Out Loud


Notes From Frankie

I introduce Wynonna Hunt, a karma witch from Alaska, in this book. Her voice is so much fun to write. That when teamed up with the multiple POV's makes this book read so fast.

Ending An Era

I don't know if I want to continue to write more stories about Paige. I'm really proud of her. I love where she's going, but I don't know that I want to write those stories.

There are a lot of characters being introduced in Para Wars with stories that will easily sideline into new series. So, don't worry! There will be more Whiskey-verse, but Paige might step into a cameo or secondary character.

The F...king Witches of Alaska

I'm in a pagan group up hear and the leader posted a meme called Fucking Witches and it had a brief rundown of a few of the different types of witches and why you dont' want to cross them.

I laughed so hard for a good day, so I decided that was where I was going to take Wy's story! This is the welcome to Those Fucking Witches of Alaska, coming summer of 2021.