Dexx finally found something that scared the crap out of him, and he’s got to face it before he can go home.

Dexx has overcome many things in his time as a shifter. A rogue angel, a deranged shifter witch, even the most deadly demon Paige has ever come across.

Cardinal Bussemi is something else, however. He kidnapped Dexx, and warded his memories away. Even though Dexx regained his memories, and the ward remains, his shift is broken and his alpha is gone. He suffers from ward sickness that will kill him eventually.

Rainbow Blu’s patron goddess sends them to the shifter plane Vaada Bhoomi for a task and he meets Hattie and the guardian Mah’se.

They must find a way to break the ward on Dexx or more than one world will die. And as if that weren’t enough, Mario Kester and Merry Eastwood raise a creature more dangerous than Sven Seven-Tails, that chase them through the shifter plane.

Dexx has one chance remaining. Discover how to use the crystal left to him by a former incarnation, and become the most powerful witch the world has ever known.



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Notes From Frankie & Shane

Shane and I had a hard time with this book because his book was taking him in one direction and my book, Midnight Whiskey, was going in another. It took us a lot longer to write this one. But I think it's still a great book.

All the Dexxes

I think Shane really came up with a great path for Dexx that gives him a lot more stamina behind his character. You're going to see Dexx really stepping up in Eye of the Saber, and the bones for that are here.

Changing His Name

So, one of the inside jokes between us is that I'm pushing for Dexx to change his name to Whiskey. When Shane and I were married, I'd asked Shane to change his name and he said absolutely no. He wouldn't. He's... a man's man. Anyway, I capitulated because of family drama on my side and all that, but Paige doesn't have that. Also... she's a Whiskey. I don't see her folding to the social norm and changing her name. But - LOL! - I don't see Dexx doing that either.