Grizzly Attraction


A divided bear clan is a powerless one.

Emma Elliot has a choice: step up as the alpha her clan needs or claim her own freedom by loving Mason Covey.

The adorable, free-spirited, porcupine shifter charms his way into her heart by being exactly what she needs in her life.

However, with a rival bear clan poised to take control of Elliot Clan’s resources, now is not the time to appear weak. Emma’s mother—the current alpha—wants her to follow tradition and produce bear cubs to “secure her place” as the new alpha. But what about Emma’s wishes?

What Emma wants and what her clan requires of her might be two different things. How much is she willing to sacrifice to become the leader her people need to win the coming war?

Can be read as a stand-alone. You do not need to read any of the other books in the Whiskey Witches Universe to be able to follow along. Just read it and enjoy.

This book occurs during Lizard Wizard.



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Notes From Frankie & Alivia

This book surprised Alivia so much because it practically wrote itself. This was the first book where she actually believed in her ability to write and that was amazing to see!

Mason is also our favorite romantic lead. He's far from an alpha-a-hole and we absolutely love that about him.

Shifter Animals

One of the things Alivia and I wanted to do was to buck the shifting world. In paranormal romance, everyone goes for the predators. We understand why but we are writing these to have a little fun, so... we decided to choose animals that weren't normal.

Porcupines are a very interesting animal, so researching them for this book was fantastic. I think we're definitely going to continue to buck the system a little and write the animals that seem neat to us. Though, Alivia has already told me no on spiders. So... no spider shifters.

The World

These books fall within the Whiskey-verse. There are so many people in this universe with great stories to tell, it's hard to say that we're only going to write about these guys over here or these guys over there.

We might see characters in our secondary sets in any of the books we write and be like, "I need to write their romance!" So, be on the look-out! I will say that there are two sets who were introduced in Para Wars.