Dexx has his alpha back and he’s using it to protect his family – all of them. 

Dexx is finally back with his family and now they’re in the greatest danger they’ve ever faced. A normal man might shrivel from that – not to say he’s not crying in the small, dark corners of his mind – but he’s doing everything in his power to rise to the occasion.

But trick after trick, trial after trial, battle after battle, he and Paige are faced with the reality that the tactics they’d used in the past to fight demons and angels don’t work now. They’ve come up against a foe who is too big and too powerful in a way they’ve never fought against before. Their magickal abilities are powerless against this enemy. Dexx and his saber-toothed cat are no match against bullets.

Dexx is doing everything he possibly can to protect his family, but he and Paige both are realizing that they might not be enough. What is it going to take to win?

They really hope they don’t have to die to find out, but if that’s what it takes?


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