Witches used to be the only game in town.

Fresh from solving an occult serial murder in Louisiana, Detective Paige Whiskey returns to her home in Denver to discover the killer she freed in exchange for Dexx’s life is continuing his murderous rampage. However, in true Sven fashion, he’s killing people to show Paige things she never knew.

He’s showing her a world that had been hidden from her, a wider world of the paranormal.

To protect the shifters he’s targeting, she must break the treaty between shifters and witches, endanger her job, and risk her life.

Will Paige save the shifters, finally catch Sven, keep her job, and maintain a lid on this war?

Or will she lose it all?



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Notes From Frankie

When I'd originally started this book - several years after I'd completed the dozenth version of the first one - I was frustrated with vampires and werewolves. But I'd launched Whiskey Witches for the first first and it had bombed big time, so I decided it was time to open up my world.

Originally, it was going to be werewolves, but I'd had this idea of shape shifters I'd been developing since I was a girl. So... I just went with that instead.


As a kid, my dad and I would talk about different cultures of our world, but our focus was on Native American myths and legends.

The skinwalker legends is where our shapeshifter mythos was born. It's a lot of fun. There's a lot of fluidity, and I love how the two live together in symbiosis.


I don't believe that villains should all be caught in one book. Sorry. No.


Because you don't get to win every battle just by slapping on the title hero and overcome the villain. Life doesn't work that way so my books shouldn't either.

So, yes. Not all of my villains are conquered in one book. Sometimes, it takes several books to conquer one villain. Not because I'm trying to sell books - which, come on, yes. I am - but because it's just not believable.