The gift of the padfoot cost Ripley Kent everything.

As a girl, she was chosen by the death dog. In one week, she lost everything. Her parents, her brother. Even her community of shifters shunned the power she sheltered.

She swore she’d never return to their prejudiced hatred, but when her uncle dies, Ripley is called back to Troutdale to settle his affairs. She thinks she can get in and get out unaffected, but Joe Elliott has other ideas.

He needs her, and it’s not in all the old ways her body remembers so well.

His twin brother has been bitten by a rabid wolf, and as the death glow overwhelms the town, Ripley’s padfoot gift explodes into the curse she’s always feared.

Ripley owes these people nothing after the way they’ve treated her. But that’s the thing with gifts. Sometimes they cost more to ignore. Love is only one save-of-the-day away.

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Notes From Frankie & Alivia

Our original intent was to write highly marketable paranormal romances following the tried and true tropes of those who came before us.

This was the book where Aliva and I figured out that just isn't the types of romance we enjoy or write.


One of the things I love doing is finding a myth that's neat and different and then finding a way to make it uniquely ours. That's what we did with the padfoot.

There are other mythos in the Whiskey-verse that are similar to the padfoot in the uniqueness. We still do have werewolves and vampires and standard witches, but I enjoy these types of stories the most.

The World

I love the Whiskey-verse. But, originally, it'd started out super small and it was going to be a series of stand-alone-books.

I'm really glad that the world opened up. And I love getting reviews where the reviewers talk about the other characters. In my mind, that means that we're connecting, and that means a lot to both of us.