One threat hangs over Paige’s head.

Merry Eastwood is in Texas.

After breaking the treaty between the shifters and the witches—in order to save the shifters, mind you—this could be the invitation Merry Eastwood needed to start a new war, putting the shifters and the Whiskeys in danger.

But going home isn’t that easy. There’s a lot of trust that needs to be rebuilt, but with the stakes so high, Paige has to try.

If that wasn’t enough, her grandmother is going senile. Also,, her fire-starter niece is hitting puberty, her bard nephew still hasn’t learned how to control his voice, and her demon-hunting boyfriend is still learning how to control his shift. There’s no safe haven for the Whiskeys.

So many enemies. So little time to regroup. How is Paige going to keep the Whiskeys safe?



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Notes From Frankie

By this point, I think I'd been living without my kids or my family for about six years? I think so. I was trying desperately to find a path toward healing, and I was trying to figure out how I could re-pave a path to my girls.

Real life is hard for me. I don't relate to people in ways that make sense to those around me, but in books? That's different. So, this was my attempt to pave new pathways to my girls.

The Wars To Come

This was where I saw the wars starting. First with Sven and then the civil war. So, it wasn't all fueled by current events. Current events just happened to occur as I was writing and releasing Para Wars.

Characters Taking Control

The interactions with Chuck, the alpha in that area, when waaaaaaaay different than I'd outlined. That guy and how he related and helped Dexx threw off the entire second half of the book.

But then, Rachel showing up did the same, too. So, these dang characters. I think part of the reason they're so real in the books is because they're real in my head. I wish I could say I controlled them. I don't.