Power Thru Depression

Since I wrote that post about finding my new balance, I’ve actually been hard at work battling my depression and pushing it back. I won’t say I’m back at full viger. That would be an outright lie. but I am doing a lot better.

And it all comes down to goals and planners.

Like… Okay. I realize just how DUMB this might sound. Like, there can’t be a magic pill to fight off depression. First of all, the drug companies would never allow that. But, seriously? A planner. This is a joke, right?

Not really. And the planner isn’t the magic pill. You are.

Okay. So, I made the conscious decision to do something for myself. I was literally going to either go out into the woods and never come back, or I was going to get my crap together and write some dang books and find a way to enjoy life again. I mean, those were the only two options I gave myself.

The other thing that happened was that I’d read—I don’t know how many times I’ve read this, actually. Three times? Eight time? It’s in a lot of the self-help books, the Become A Multi-Millionaire Overnight By Being AMAZING type books. You know what I’m talking about.

A lot of them state quite plainly that you’re 100% responsible for your state of being. So, if you’re miserable because someone else did x, y, and z, you’re the reason you’re this upset.

And, you know, it’s true. You have zero control over what anyone else says or does. But you do have control over you.

Okay. Yeah. There’s the hormone imbalance. I’m pretty sure I have one of those too because I’m trying to lose weight and, seriously, everything is out of whack. But I need fewer reasons to fail and a few more excuses to succeed. Because I’m sick and tired of being this damned sad and miserable all the dang time.


There really are a LOT of planners out there. But the ones that caught my eye this time came from https://www.determinedtolovemondays.com/. They spoke to me and what I needed to handle right now. Each time I get depressed, it takes a slightly different approach to get through it. So, this time, I needed to find a way to take charge of my life and to figure out where I even want to go with it. And these planners are doing the trick.

So, I printed out the weekly plan—which is super helpful on a Monday!—the Manifest the Life You Want, and the Design a Life Planner. Oh, and the Essential Goal Setting & Dream Fulfillment.

They’re working. And not because they’re magic planners, but because it’s getting the gunk out of my inner wheelhouse and onto paper where I can actually do something about it. Do I want to set it on fire? I can do that. We have a burn barrel because we’re out in the wilderness of Alaska where they don’t do trash. Do I want to take action and get out of bed? Sure. Let’s do that!

But it’s getting the information that’s in my mind and my heart out of that murky, moldy, dusty cavity I call a mind, and it’s getting it into my workspace so I can DO.

And that’s what I’m doing.

Also, I’m taking Happy Camper for hormones because I’m not allowing any reasons for failure. I’m coming up with excuses to succeed, baby! All the way.

And it’s worked! I’ve written a chapter of my own stuff EVERY DAY since I started these planner things and committed 100% to this plan. So, I’m taking the win!

Next post, I WILL talk about something fun. But, guys, I know I’m not the only one going through this. So, I’m sharing.

Be brave!

Be scared.

Be courageous.

But get up and do things today. You’ve got this.

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