Name Change

As most of you are aware, it’s been well over a year since Shane, Alivia, and I put out any books. Alivia is taking a break from the book writing world, and Shane is actually nearly finished with Book 2 of the next Whiskey Season. But we find ourselves at this weird transition.

We’ve been forgotten.

That’s okay. Really, it is. This year has been absolutely brutal. My soul is still working to recover from all the work and demands just to get us here. But this turn of events leads me to something I’ve wanted to do for a while, though.


A year and a half ago, I legally changed my name from Stephanie Marie to Frankie Jo. It was a huge decision, but the judge just looked me in the eye as I stood before her wondering what a freakin’ moron I was and told me that if I felt this was necessary, then it was.

It truly was and it’s been amazing.

However, my pen name never changed. I didn’t think my fans and readers would understand. I didn’t want to further alienate them more than I already had. There are already “too many pen names.” So, I didn’t want to pull further confusion into the mix.

However, it’s time. We’ve been forgotten. It’s time to rise back up out of the ashes as myself.

So, I want to change S.M. Blooding to F.J. Blooding. That’s who I am and it’s time to slough off the remaining garbage of S.M.’s life. It’s time to bring on the new life that F.J. offers.

Additionally, my husband’s pen name is going to change. It started as Frankie Jo because I wanted a pen name I could write as myself, but he wrote it FAR better. So, it’s time he took ownership of his own name and his own brand. F.J. Wolfram is changing to S.S. Wolfram.

I know that’s it’s a lot of changes. I know some of my readers and fans are going to be upset, but I changed my legal name for very valid reasons and I need that to follow me into my writing life.


I’ll slowly be updating book covers with the new name and getting it up on all the stores. So, be on the lookout for that. However, it looks like nothing should affect you guys at all. I’m literally just changing my initials.

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