Must-Haves in Starting Out: Mindset

A good kitchen witch uses everyday ingredients they can find in almost any kitchen. It doesn’t matter if she wants to hex a neighbor or help a friend heal a broken heart. She can enter her kitchen, throw some ingredients together, and create a recipe that will help.

Ingredients aren’t the most important things that are needed, however.

The most important things you bring to your craft come from within.


You can burn sage all day or stir dozens of potions to “purify” yourself and your surroundings. But if you’re not being honest with yourself about your intentions or about how change needs to happen so this intervention isn’t needed again, you’re wasting your time and the attention of the energies around you. At some point, the Mother or whatever entity you call to for guidance will not answer you call.

Set Realistic Goals

A good witch has specific goals she uses to nurture the branches and roots of her life. These goals can be anything from seeking immediate revenge on someone who made her mad, to curing cancer, to helping a friend through a rough patch in her life. Magick can help, but it does have its limitation. Realistic goals are important to have because it will encourage you to keep moving towards your destination, and to keep improving your skills without the brutality of disappointment.

Seeking Help From Deities

The goddess and god lines in witchcraft have always been a strong connection for witches. When we only have ourselves to answer to, there’s less of a push to perform. However, when have to answer to someone bigger than us, when we need to meet the expectations of another, when there’s someone bigger than us who can lend a hand or guide us, we’re more willing to step up and grow rather than allow ourselves to become stagnant.

Money Mindset

A good witch doesn’t have to buy the best things. She doesn’t need to invest money she doesn’t have into tools. She can find what she needs in the kitchen. She can hunt in the great outdoors, in parks, in cemeteries, in her neighborhoods and backyard for the ingredients to put powerful good into the world without spending money she could invest in other, better things. Magick doesn’t need money. Magick needs your intent.


It doesn’t take much to get started.

It simply takes little steps every day that will carry you one step closer to where you want to go. Small changes make the biggest impact.

Be focused on being a positive influence on yourself, and those around you will benefit from it.

Don’t lose focus by trying to find the best or most elusive ingredients. Figure out how you can use the things you already have on hand.

The world around you doesn’t really care if you got your basil on sale.

It only cares that your basil will make your spell-laced dinner more flavorful and that your spell, when paired with your basil, will fuel the bodies and the spirit of those you choose to invite to your table.

Be strong, my witches.

And stop fretting about how little you have. Your soul is full, and that makes you rich. Let that be enough to get you started.

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