Motivation, Pets, and New Story

So, the bunny has been spending more time up in the office and that has been a lot of fun because he and Tesla actually get along. Tesla is a Siamese cat who gets along with three people; me, Hubby, and Bunny. So, it’s a lot of fun watching these two play.

Tesla has been acting like a freakin’ kitten while keeping Bunny out of trouble. He likes to chew on everything because he’s a rodent. He’s a big, fluffy, adorable rodent, but still a rodent with the digging and the chewing.

But they’re a distraction. At first, I was like, “No! I can’t have those! I need to focus!” But then, after realizing that my tank is EMPTY and I need to fill it with JOY, I decided that these two were exactly what the non-doctor-because-who-can-afford-those ordered.

But I’m still working on getting and staying motivated. I have a full plate today. I’ve got a LOT of fun work to do.

And I’m actually pretty excited to work on it! So, it should be easy.

Except that excitment really is only one small step on the road of getting-stuff-done-when-you’re-burned-out.


So, I’m going to use these corney motivational posters that we see everywhere to keep me pushing through. This is the first one and it really applies. I want my life to change. I mean, I fought really hard to get me to this point. This was the point I wanted to be five years ago. Not in Alaska, necessarily. I was shooting for Oregon, but… we have a house. I’m my own boss. I’m writing full-time if I’d just write. So, I’m happy that I made it! I am!

I’m also realizing that I didn’t really update those goals for when I HIT this one.

So, Carol, thank you! And I’m going to change my life in a fun new direction starting with this story.


I needed to push past the staring-at-a-blank-page syndrome for a while now. So, one day, I just started writing. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t amazing, but it was fun.

So, I decided to create the character with that voice and a story to go with it, and I’m running with it. It really touches on some delicate subjects, and it pushes boundaries in a way that I’ve WANTED to for a while now and haven’t. So, it’s a little freeing in that sense, but I do think it might get me into some trouble. Which… okay, that part scares me. Like. It does.

So far, things are going well. I didn’t write anything yesterday. I had a real eye opener during my “why is my gas tank empty” post that kinda shook me hard. So, I had to sit down and figure out how to deal with that. I have a plan.

Which is great, but it’s time to WRITE today.

I’m not super excited about the next scene. That’s the thing that sometimes happens. You get to a scene that you know needs to happen, and you’re like, “Huh. Well, that’s rather boring.” So, I’m going make it more interesting. There’s one key thing that needs to happen in this next chapter and it’s literally a sentence. So, I can do whatever I—

Oh! I just thought of what I could do! Oh, yes. Won’t that be fun!

I will post a teaser later after I’ve got it back from some BETA’s and gotten it cleaned up. It’s literally in Draft Suck right now.

Also! Also! Hubby is nearing completion of the next Red Star book! It’s good!!! OMGs! It’s so good.

There are good things coming down the pike. Whoot!

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