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I don’t know about you, but my email is filled with things I don’t remember subscribing to and, frankly, have no interest in anymore. For the most part, that’s what my own author newsletter has become as well, a dumping ground for content I sincerely thought my readers would be interested in.

But… they weren’t. Why? Because they were receiving the same or similar content from other authors as well.

So, I’m changing things up. My author newsletter will be free and will include information on upcoming books. Those emails won’t be regular. They will literally be for drumming up excitement as new books release.

If you want something new, I’ve got that for you as well.

I’m writing a serial, Monsters In Dreamland, that I will be sharing weekly. A new chapter/episode each week with audio. For those who enjoy it, you can subscribe for $1/month and get these weekly updates delivered to your inbox and to this site. For $5/mo, you can receive the written and the audio version.

This way, you’re getting the types of content you want without feeling like your inbox has become a dumping ground.


For $1/mo, I’ll provide you with on-going stories available only to you. You’ll also be subscribed to my newsletter for deals and information on new books when they’re released.

I don’t have time to spam you, so don’t worry about that. And to get things started off, you’ll receive the first six chapters of Monsters In Dreamland available here on my site and delivered to your inbox.

  • New Dreamland chapters as they’re being written


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