Karma Excerpt

Writing Leslie’s POV is so much fun! She’s such a people person. There are things that Paige just doesn’t get when it comes to people. She doesn’t remember names. Half the time, she doesn’t remember the people she just met two days ago. 

And then there’s Leslie. LOL! She’s remembering the names of people she met two years ago and she has everyone’s names ! It’s kinda crazy! 

And her narrative! OMGs! It’s sooo freakin’ funny! 

So, today, I give you the snippet that had me in giggles. 

Excerpt: Some Karma Don’t Wash

Barn was already entrenched in the lab downstairs and was easy to find. “Hey, you two.” He was all grins and lollipops to the two boys.

“Lollipops?” When had he had a chance to get those? “It wasn’t a special run, was it?”

“Oh, yes,” he said with a happy, coke-bottle grin. His glasses really made his eyes look huge. “My first living patients. You have no idea how exciting this is.”

Tru gave Leslie a look of incredulity.

Leslie put her hand on his arm to calm him and turned a watch-what-the-crap-you-say-in-front-of-my-man-child smile on Barn. “What do we need to do?”

“Leave.” He gave her a smile that read get-out-of-here-before-I-dope-you.

She turned the dial on her smile so it read a little more like if-you-hurt-my-kids-I’ll-eat-you.

In turn, the corners of his smile turned down, but the energy in his eyes dialed up as if to say if-you-don’t-trust-me-you-could-find-someone-else.

The man was amazing with his smile negotiations.

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