Hush Little Shifter… A Hard Story

I knew that this story was going to take us into a dark period of Whiskey history when I started writing Desert Shaman. I just didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to write. 

It’s a very complicated story. There are a lot of moving pieces and parts. Lots of characters are doing lots of different things. It’s a crazy story. 

I’m heading into the climax right now and I’m wondering if I captured everything. I think I did. I think I did. 

And then it’s off to see if I can write Leslie’s stories. She’s lighter and I was going to take her cozy, but she’s just not a truly cozy character. I wrote another story in November that was a darker kind of cozy and that was a lot of fun. So I’m going to try to write Leslie along that vein. I don’t know how marketable it’ll be. LOL! But that’s how I roll. I tell the stories as they come. 

Okay. Off to make words! Wish me luck! 

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