Devices of War

Fighting the Skyborne

Fall of Sky City

Synn El'Asim has been taught his entire life to protect the Families at all costs, but when Queen Nix sets her eyes on him, targeting the El'Asim fleet in order to get her hands on him and the power of his Marks, he'll do whatever it takes to steal the knowledge she offers and bring an end to her world. 

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Sky Games

Synn escapes Nix with a treaty in-hand, but when he goes to the remaining Families to negotiate that truce, he does something neither the Hands of Tarot nor the ruling heads of the remaining Families saw coming; he invites all the tribes to participate in it as it will affect them all. The consequences for doing that might be... severe.

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Whispers of the Skyborne

Synn is done fighting, but the fight isn't done with him. As he works to rebuild his fleet with new designs, his friends uncover the meaning behind the Marks, and the danger that has existed on their horizon, hidden from them as they fought each other and to exist on their challenging planet.

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