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Whiskey Witches

Urban Fantasy

The Whiskey Witches series launches the Whiskey-verse novels. Whiskey Witches is an urban fantasy series of 19 novels that have been broken down into three mini-series. It's predominately female-led, but starting in the second mini-series, Ancients, three of the books are male-led.

This started as a witch detective series, but has since grown. There are shifters, vampires, dryads, djinn, warlocks, secret organizations, witches, and more. I didn't "throw the book" at the world. I simply didn't feel the need to keep it simple for the sake of keeping it simple. It's a very complex world with many interesting characters and story elements.

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Devices of War

Steampunk fantasy sci-fi

Synn El'Asim leads his friends, the Families, and the tribes from a war with the Hands of Tarot, the societal fights for equality, and brings their war to those who started this so many generations ago, the Skyborne.

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Shifting Hearts

Paranormal Romance

Each Shifting Hearts novel is a stand-alone that shares the story of one couple as they travel through the rocky-slope of love.

They typically occur alongside other Whiskey-verse novels.

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