Blessed Imbolc

View from my mountain office… which sounds super glamorous. It’s not…as glamorous as it sounds. There is running water, though.

As a solitary witch, I never practiced the normally celebrated traditions. A lot of that dealt with the fact I had to keep it a secret and the other part was–well, I just didn’t know. I knew about Yule and Samhain and that was about it.

So, I’m going to share with you some of the information I’ve learned… by becoming a little less solitary.

Imbolc starts on Feb 1 and Feb 2.

It’s a Celtic holiday marking the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Fire is typically used in Imbolc celebrations. We burned our trash and celebrated a smidge early, which wasn’t very…well, I mean. We were doing chores and while we were burning the trash, I pulled double duty. But I will also make a meal and lighting a candle tomorrow too. I’ve got deadlines, dude. A lot, a lot of deadlines.

Fire represents the return of warmth and the longer days, though with a greater focus on the sun’s power as we build up to spring.

I did my spring cleaning the day before but only because the hubby was there for that and he needed to help clean up his mess. I feel the gods – namely Brigid – will understand. There’s a reason I’m solitary. I like to learn the rules, but I also like to bend them so I don’t break under their strain.

In the circle I’ve recently been a part of, Brigid was brought up more than once, so I looked up her significance to Imbolc and determined that because she’s the goddess of spring, that’s probably the reason she’d invoked. “Please, please, please, make this snow disappear and bring a wonderful and wet spring.”

But as far as rituals go, it’s a pretty easy one. Well, they all really are. Light fire, invoke the call for a plentiful spring, and start making preparations to make it a bountiful spring. Get your seeds in order. Plan your gardens. Get ready to start your seeds soon – unless you’re in Alaska. You’ve got months yet. Don’t get crazy. Clean your house. Maybe don’t choose the coldest day of the week to open all the windows like a crazy person.

Easy stuff.

The trick to incorporating the craft into a busy schedule is to make sure to not overcomplicate it. If you like ceremonies, definitely do that! But if you like it low-key, keep it genuine to yourself, and incorporate stuff into the things you’re already doing.

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