9 Witchy Ways to Use… Basil

Using herbs in daily magick is easy. You can also start with the stuff we have in our kitchens and gardens. Basil is an everyday herb that is easy to get and easy to use. Here is a little history, a brief bit about it, and a few great ways to empower yourself through the use of basil.


For a brief history on basil, please visit TheMagickKitchen because they’ve penned the history of this herb the best.


Origin: Egypt, India, France, U.S.

Parts of plant to use: stems, leaves, and flowers

Scent properties: Light and spicy, can fight fatigue

Application: In oil, baths, salt scrubs, teas, smoke, and food

Magickal Uses: Love, prosperity, exorcism, protection, and memory

Warnings: Do not use basil if you are epileptic

Health benefits: iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and antioxidants that reduce inflammation

New Home Gift

Bringing a potted basil plant as a house warming gift will help fill their home with prosperity, love, and safety. As long as they remember to water it. That… helps.

Basil Oil

Mason jar with lid

Olive oil

Fresh basil leaves

  1. Put basil leaves into the mason jar.
  2. Pour oil into jar until you have desired amount.
  3. Seal with lid.
  4. Set in sunny window sill for (1) day
  5. Strain the oil.
  6. Using a spoon, mash the leaves to get the last remaining basil oils.
  7. Discard basil leaves (safe for chickens).
  8. Use in cooking or in spells.

Protect The Home

Plant basil near your front door to repel negative emotions and other threats guests might carry with them.

Healing Emotional Wounds

Having a fight with a friend or loved one? Invite them over for a pesto or spaghetti dinner. Add basil to your sauce, making sure to focus your intent. You’re not trying to win the argument. You’re trying to regain your friendship.

You can also use your basil oil to make your garlic bread taste even more amazing. Give the crust a good basil oil brushing before adding your garlic butter and baking. It will smell even more divine.

Basil Ice Cubes

If you want to keep your basil oil fresh longer, put your basil leaves in ice cube trays, pour your olive oil over them, and freeze.

When you’re ready to cook, add an ice cube of your oil and fresh basil into your meal as you’re cooking.

Luck In Business

2 pennies

Dried basil

Small cloth bag

If you need some quick luck in business, take a small cloth bag, add (2) pennies and some dried basil and then close it. Carry it in your pocket or around your neck.

This is more of a reminder for you. The basil has the power of luck, but you and you alone have the power of will. When you’re making a business decision, hold your bag and remember that you make your own luck. Make the best decisions you can with the knowledge you are already armed with. You’re doing the heavy lifting. The basil and the pennies are simply reminding you of that.

Salt Scrub

1 cup salt

½ cup oil

1 tbs of dried basil or your basil oil

Salt scrubs are pretty basic and pretty easy. Combine the ingredients into a mason jar, seal, and shake until well-mixed.

While you’re shaking it, keep your mind focused on your problems, but with a focus on trying to find a reasonable solution.

Now put this into your bath water or use as a bath scrub in the shower. While you’re using it, focus on the solution that you can control, you can achieve, and that is viable. You have the power to take charge of your own life. This basil scrub just reminds you of this. And helps to exfoliate your skin.

Better Business Floor Wash

1 pint water

½ cup fresh basil leaves

  1. Combine water and leaves in a mason jar and seal for (3) days.
  2. Strain the leaves out.
  3. Sweep the floors of your store or business.
  4. Mop once to remove dirt.
  5. Pour mixture into the rinse water and mop again.
  6. While you’re cleaning, make sure to focus on removing the negativity and creating an inviting experience for your customers.

Basil Cash Bath

3 cups water

Fresh bunch of basil

  1. Boil water with the basil. Keep a few of the fresh basil leaves out for your bath water.
  2. After (15) minutes, strain the boiled leaves out.
  3. Add remaining water to your bath water.
  4. Add the leaves you set aside to your bath water as well.
  5. While bathing, invest your time in finding viable solutions to your money woes.

Which bills can you forgo?

What can you do to bring more money in?

What services could you offer that others would want?

How can you set up your business so it will succeed?

What will bring you the next level of success?

Basil doesn’t do all the work for you. It’s just a plant. But it can empower and embolden you to rise to the challenge, to seek and create solutions you probably wouldn’t have without this small ritual.

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